Champion Palacegarden Donovan

Delwin’s Touch of Blarney  x  Palacegarden Idle Fancy

Born: 08/02/2004  | 5 RCCs  | 3 CCs

Champion Palacegarden Donovan

Donovan was campaigned throughout 2007. He was awarded his title under breed specialist M. Mallows at Darlington.

Winner of Pekingese Club Gold Medal 2007.

Litter brother of Ch Palacegarden Sullivan, Donovan is the sire of Ch Palacegarden Baroque and is the grandsire of US Grand Ch Palacegarden Malachy, BIS Westminster 2012.

Exquisite red brindle, wonderful pigmentation, low to the ground, cobby and sound. My size of dog. Head wide, shallow and level, gorgeous clean dark eyes, wrinkle and nose well-placed, good width of muzzle, short, solid neck set on sound shoulders, levellest of backs and high tailset, excellent depth and width to ribcage, good, sound limbs. Joy to watch whilst on the move – Lovely boy!”

Carol Greenway – Border Union 2007 – BOB

Red small dog with big shallow head excelling in breed type. Short and thickset lovely body shape, level back, picks up heavy. Head set well into shoulders, lovely eye, open nostrils with stop well up between eyes, quality expression. Thick bowed front legs, shoulders tight against side of body with deep slung chest. Typical movement, slow and dignified. Not overcoated which shows off his shape well.”

Andrea Livesey – North of Scotland – DCC

Champion Palacegarden Donovan

Jim with Donovan at Darlington

Champion Palacegarden Donovan

Jim with Donovan winning Best of Breed at Border Union in 2007

Champion Palacegarden Donovan

Jim with Donovan winning the RCC at Ventura